S.D Eastern Bhutan FerroSilicon Pvt. Ltd (SDEBFSPL) is the premier ferro silicon manufacturing plant in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. It is located in Samdrup Jongkhar, which is in the south eastern part of the country. The company is registered and incorporated under the companies Act of Kingdom of Bhutan 2000 on 5th May in 2004. Since its incorporation, the company has catered to the growing demands for ferro silicon to India. Other than its market in India and other Asian countries, it has also begun to make inroads to the European countries and has become a player in the global market for ferro silicon.

The success of SDEBFSPL has been driven by its use of modern cutting edge technology, as well as its strong management team. Additionally, the dynamic professionalism of all of SDEBFSPL’s employees and the spirit of cooperation between them has also greatly contributed to SDEBFSPL’s evolution into premier manufacturing plant in Bhutan. SDEBFSPL is also a staunch believer in the integration of business strategies to create optimal growth, and this holistic integration has been a key factor in it’s continued success.

The promoter, and majority shareholder of SDEBFSPL, Mr. Sonam Dukpa continues to expand into new entrepreneurial ventures. The production of ferro silicon magnesium, establishment of a brewery and a plant to manufacture liquid nitrogen and oxygen, are some of his newer ventures. The promoter has also entered the services industry by commencing construction of a five-star hotel in the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu. As such, the promoter is a firm believer in constantly evolving and expanding his entrepreneurial reach, and supporting local communities through the creation of jobs.

Corporate Social Responsibilities


Over the past few decades and initially from the time of commencement in the year 2004, SD Eastern Bhutan Ferro Silicon Private limited has played social-economic development roles in its own little myriad ways. The ensuing each year has begun to receive more and active participation than the former ones. The social perimeters of benefits have stretches; starting from uplifting the destitute and economically backward sections of the people; employment generation, financial assistance for pursuing and fulfilling younger generation’s education dream. Moreover, it has extended its social donation perimeters to preservation and promotion of culture, games and sport and has continue participation maintained in the times of nation hues and cries. Most importantly in the national events.

It has a number of old parents whose wellbeing are being taken care and are also salaried so they are in position to live equally and like any other neighbourhoods. The students who are with agile mind-set and undying interest in learning are being sent for further scholarship to pursue in different field of studies, it was dream come true for many youths who are deeply aspire to thrive in their contribution towards the nation in later stages. The company has notable financial anticipation in rebuilding the lost national fortress and reviving razed houses to its normal structure after the natural disaster.

Of late, other than the donations, the largest stupa of Tsugtor Dremey Namgay built with Bhutanese exquisite curving and paintings, at public ground in Samdrup Jongkhar is a noble initiative of and patronage by the Chairman of SD Eastern Bhutan Ferro Silicon limited under the spiritual and architectural guidance of His Eminence Gyeltshen Truelku. The consecration ceremony held on 24th of December 2018 was presided over by His Holiness the Je Khenpo and His Eminence Gyeltshen Truelku, after almost a year from ground breaking ceremony held on 13th Jan, 2018.

The construction was initiated as part of the Social Responsibility intended to provide a better dwelling place for old age population which in fact was a way to enhance and achieve community vitality, that is often perceived as a culture on the verge of losing its importance and value, due to modernity and associated changes taking place in the region. Social interaction in the modern world is not so taken into consideration and seriously while the absence of such will eventually have huge social divergence.

The stupa added beauty to Samdrup Jongkhar increasing the potential for tourist visit in the region which ultimately benefit the community.