Ferrosilicon Magnesium

Ferro Silicon Magnesium is master alloys of Magnesium with iron and silicon. Magnesium content in FeSiMg alloys produces the required graphite structure, which imparts tensile strength and elongation to S.G.Iron. These alloys are available in any combination of Magnesium, Calcium and Rare Earth, to suit individual Foundry process needs. The addition of Rare Earth with the Magnesium is adequate to neutralize the harmful effects of the subversive elements in base metal. Cerium content in Rare Earth, not only improves the shape of graphite nodule but also increases the nodule counts.

The extension of infrastructure and installation of induction furnace and XRF machine in laboratory was completed in the month of April, 2019. The company with its experienced and dedicated team started the commercial production in May, 2019. 

Since its initial launch, due to the product’s excellent quality as well the company’s ability to customize the product to the end user’s specifications, this product is in high demand in the global market. The high quality of this product, is ensured by the fact that the company uses its own ferro silicon which has low impurities for production of this masteralloy. The low impurities in the content of the product, and the strict control of Mg, Ca and Ce in the product ensure that the product is of the highest quality.

The grade of Ferro Silicon Magnesium Produced are as below:-

Sizes Rage:

  1.   2mm – 10mm                 4.  5mm – 25mm
  2.   2mm – 15mm                 5.  5mm – 32mm
  3.   5mm – 20mm


  1.   25kg             2. 500kg and 1000kg

Sizes and Packing of Ferrosilicon Magnesium is done as per the requirement of the customer.