Our Policies


Quality Policy


The organization for International Standardization (ISO) has accredited the Quality Management System (ISO09001) through certification, as parallel to the set international standard requirements. The validation behind such recognition is due to strict internal quality assessment and monitoring team, push forward by our understanding of quality as not only fulfilling specifications but also as quality Ferro Silicon products for quality iron and steel products to build resistible infrastructures that drives the sustainable construction works.


Environmental Policy


Likewise, the company is also certified for the Environmental Management System (ISO14001) and respective measures it has. It is evident through numerous investment in environmental measures put forward to tackling any arising impacts on environment due to function of the plant. Apart from pollution control machineries installed at the plant site, we always operate with an intact sense of shared world and take pride in undertaking all activities regarded for revitalizing the environment. Moreover, full commitment to remain strictly compliance with all laws is another contributing factor for such validation.


Health & Safe Working Environment Policy


With no exception, safety working environment is what concerns the management the most, safety policy ensures that none of the employees, in any manner feels that they area left and exposed to any occupational hazards, all employees participate and receives information on the subject, as well as sufficient and appropriate theoretical and practical training on the risks that specifically apply to their positions and the general factory risks to which they may be exposes are being imparted periodically. In this industrial matter as well, we are a recipient of ISO certificate, validating the Health and Safety Working Environment we have in the company.